Men, Paid Love and also Upscale Escorts

Madame Kurkova, the proprietor of the identified High-Class companion services Empire Queens, speak with us regarding men and paid love. Why males pick this choice, and also why this busy lifestyle calls for paid buddies to provide soul health and wellness.

Why would they pay such a high cost for a high-end companion??

Lots of people feel lonely, they invest a lot of time functioning that when they quit, they really feel vacant. This not only applies to guys, yet ladies additionally have the very same problem.

Think of the past, prostitutes were there for the most privileged males,
It was usually therewith and also individuality that set them apart from the regular females. Dynasty Queens Central Florida companions company offers Private courtesan solutions:

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International upscale companion company of course, prostitutes (high-end escorts) have actually always been there and also paid love is simply one more component of our culture, one more part of our busy way of life

A Woman’s Perspectives on the Use of Condoms

And speaking of enhanced pleasure, the Durex condoms and Trojan brands also have available lubricants best suited for the condoms they manufacture respectively.

Is the use of condom selfish? The use of condoms and other contraceptives lowers anxieties and reduces fears, making the sexual experience more fulfilling and pleasurable.

With the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both women and sexes have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

With increased awareness on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the prevalence of AIDS, the practice of safe sex is longer a matter of preference, but of necessity and survival. And because condoms offer relatively cheap, convenient, and highly effective method of prevention, it plays a large part in the maintenance of healthy reproductive and sexual lives.

When a man puts on a condom at his own initiative and without any prompting from his female sex partner, he sends across a message of responsibility and caution. This is good, especially if both of you are looking to build a healthy, loving relationship that would hopefully last for a long time. Needless to say, recklessness and the headlong rush into sexual fulfillment without any thought on protection says much on the immature mentality of both participants.

Up until the last two or three decades, condoms have always been predominantly a masculine concern. Protecting the male person from unwanted pregnancies used to be the primary intention of putting on this device. With the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both women and sexes have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

Putting on a condom shows that you care. And even though it is not a guarantee of a man’s fidelity, it is concern enough to protect the physical well-being of your sex partners, as well as steering yourselves away from accidental pregnancies.

Manufacturers have given a lot of thought and resources in meeting every possible demand of consumers out there, such as the production of thin condoms for those seeking to experience enhanced sensitivity like the Trojan Ultra Thin, Durex Extra Sensitive and the Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive varieties. The Trojan brand is also selling thicker condoms like the Trojan Enz condoms. Condoms are also available in different sizes and shapes, such as the Trojan Magnum, which is the most popular large sized condom in the market today.

Women have been more than willing to do their share in protecting themselves because of the availability of other contraceptives designed for the female body. It would just be so nice to share a relationship, if not a brief connection, with someone willing to take up his own share of responsibility. Condoms do not emasculate you in women’s eyes, and neither do these devices compromise or cramp whatever style you might want to project.

Escort Etiquette: 4 Rules Every Punter Must Learn

Correct etiquette with escorts

Below are 4 rules every punter should learn before hiring a courtesan.

Thinking of hiring an escort? It pays to learn the correct etiquette– making a better experience for both you and your chosen lady.


There is a misconception among some men that once an escort advertises her services, she is fair game for anything goes name-calling, lewd offers, and emails sans subject lines demanding simply, “Fuck me now”

Be a gentleman.

Now, let’s not be naive. These women may have sex with you (pretty likely if you keep your shit together and resist opening the door naked), but you’re going to have to show some respect.

Avoid communicating only in primal, horny grunts and you will be well on the way to a good night.

You are paying for her time when you hire an escort.

Any sexual services provided are considered the cherry on top.

Don’t objectify.


Rightly so.

The reviews can be devastating if their standards slip.

Escorts go to great lengths to prepare for their clients, often in a hurry, and with the burden of perfection hanging over them.

Their services do not come cheap.

To avoid the damning title of ‘Man Who Couldn’t Even Pay a Girl to Be With Him’, here’s a good blueprint:


You can surely afford maid service if you can pay her fee.

Brush your teeth.
You should ensure that if you are calling an escort to your hotel room, it isn’t in a state of squalor.

While the ‘Porn Star Experience’ is popular with clients, a cesspit familiar with the Brutal Sex category on RedTube is not very popular with escorts.


A problem may arise when your perception of the friendship extends beyond professional, paid comfort and in to the realms of wanting her to be your wife, lover, ranting post and most trusted confidant.

Pay the agreed fees upfront once you’ve met the lady. Avoid asking questions along the lines of, “How much extra for [wildly unexpected fetish]”.

Expect any more and you will be left disappointed.

The relationship is going to stay professional. Whether you like it or not.

Overly needy clients cause problems.

Yes, they do exist.


Read Mia Monroe’s take on doing your homework to avoid disappointment.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Before she can blow your mind with her mesmerising company, and [hopefully] many other talents, she has to ensure that you are not a fly-by-night troll.

He’ll certainly be remembered for trying.

There are limits to the nature of any relationship you build with an escort.

Do not be offended when a lady takes your money, retreats to the bathroom and counts it. She is running a business, not a charity.

This is something you negotiate through email or over the phone before meeting– not while she is waiting for you to take her coat.

You are paying for a personal bond on a professional basis. That’s the catch all.

* * *.

Given that you are paying an escort for her time, it would be nice to think that a friendship might develop.

At any waking hour. Even on a Sunday.

There are steps a lady can take to avoid a 6th floor rendezvous with Jack The Ripper. If she heeds them, you should be neither offended or disheartened.

Expect her to call in advance to ensure that the room is actually yours– and that your identity matches if you are hiring an escort to your hotel room.

There is nothing in the Holy Bible of Escorting that says a man has to tip an escort who he’s just paid hundreds of dollars.

It will save you headaches, heartaches and much more, to understand that it is her job to make you feel good– so that you become her regular client.

And how about a fifth? A bonus tip …

Once you’ve met the lady, pay the agreed fees upfront.

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